Jewelry designer Tricia Milaneze, founded Lavish by Tricia Milaneze in 2005, and since
then her unique pieces-combining vintage style with modern-day influences-have become
her signature, gracing fashionistas like Jennifer Lopez and garnering the attention of
different magazines. It’s the hand-crocheted gold thread and glass beading that give her
designs the “where did you get that?” appeal. The craftsmanship is remarkable, making
every piece of Tricia’s various collections a work of art.

She carefully designs each and every necklace, bracelet or set of earrings, and we pay
attention to the smallest details. This crocheted jewelry represents the essence of quality.

All pieces are manufactured in Brazil under very careful oversight.
Brazilian-born, Tricia was always involved in the arts and always had a natural instinct for
sophisticated style.

In 2005 she dove into jewelry design full time and since then, she’s
never looked back. Her children and her creativity have become the fuel that keeps Tricia
able to lavish her clients with unique and exuberant collections.

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